Sana, sa muling tayo’y magkita,
Hindi na tayo magkukunwaring
Imbisibol. Sana, sa susunod
Na pagkakataon, tayo’y maging
Imbisibol. May layang mawala.



Land of Confusion

“Are you okay?”
“Uhm, yeah, I’m fine”
“You don’t look fine to me.”
“I am fine. I am alright.”
“All right? Everything’s goin’ right for you, huh?”
“No, not everything, really…”
“But you just said, you’re all right, so nothing’s wrong?”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“Then what’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s wrong or nothing’s right?”
“C’mon what?”
“I don’t want to fight.”
“I just want to know if you’re alright…”

…and there will always be a time when
the very person closest to you
is the very one you can’t understand.

Yet, you stay, you carry on…
And you ask, for how long?

Usad Pagong

Usad pagong,
hindi lumilingon —
sa inis
ang kamaong

Usad pagong,
simbagal ng paghingi
ng kapatawaran
ng taong

Usad pagong,
sa inip;
ang puso kong

Tanaga para kay Ate


i remember

i remember your charm
i remember your hello
i remember the way
you turned my knees jello.

i remember your madness
i remember your misery
i remember too well
when you said sorry.

i remember your anguish
i remember your pain
i remember the stories
you tell again and again.

i remember every line
on your brave smiling face,
and the way you take my hand
when i feel out of place.

i remember the warmth
of the laugh in your eyes,
your tender sweet smile
that wears no disguise.

i remember your honesty
about your fears and insecurities,
the way you accept my faults
and see the tiniest of my capabilities.

i remember how you call me differently
with a tinge of effortless melody,
how you are always ready to help
even when i failed you so desperately.

i remember you and i forget
those things i used to regret;
i remember you and i come to feel
happiness and love are real.

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