Monthly Archives: December 2013

When I’m With You

When I’m with you,
Everything seems right and better.
When the storm is raging,
With you the world is a lot warmer.
I may be wounded and weak,
In your arms I feel tough and capable.
As tasks get harder,
You inspire me to reach further.
The world may stop spinning,
Yet we will continue to dance.
If the world has gone black and gray,
Rainbows form at your glance.
Oh, when I’m with you,
So many things make sense.
Without you now,
The world is back to normal.
The world is one whole big suspense.



Sana, sa muling tayo’y magkita,
Hindi na tayo magkukunwaring
Imbisibol. Sana, sa susunod
Na pagkakataon, tayo’y maging
Imbisibol. May layang mawala.

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