Monthly Archives: February 2009

Huli Na

hinaplos ng hangin ng pagasa
mistulang batang nagakala
may bagong laruan na naman
kahit ng iba’y napagsawaan
sabay ng ligaya ng payaso
nawala ding bigla nang mapaso

ikinanlong ng mapagparayang lilim
inaliw ng mga indayog ng dahon
doo’y naidlip, akala’y sandali
pagkakataong inampon
kailangan na palang bumangon
huli man at lipas na ang panahon


No Expectations

i have expressed myself in words
but none ever come close enough
to describe or express or complement
even an iota of what i really meant
when i said,

i expect nothing.

all good things end

he told me the words like
it was the most natural of all sentences
meandered and plastered with
decadent ego of a man
long forgotten
that he is one

he sent me to a place
where pasts are stupidly annoyingly haunting
my heart’s selfless mistake
of forgiveness and letting go
then moving on
until all’s gone

he never insisted
no choice was needed for steps farther than a mile
now and here is fading
no music is softly playing
none can’t hear it
with a heartbeat

he will soon say farewell
to a life of silly blissful silent moments
of weird nonexistence
i, in return, must show no pain
true that i learned
all good things end

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