Monthly Archives: July 2008


his name is little boy blue
his eyes look sad but true
he can make my heart

he never wears a new tie
just some old jackets in black dye
but he can really look

he was just a young boy
who enjoys the sun
and laughs in the rain

he makes me feel
like i could fly
soaring like a seagull on the sky
oh he makes me happy

and he gives me hundred reasons to smile
gone are the worries in my eyes
he makes me happy

oh so happy…


did i

did i hear you call
did i hear you whisper my name
not since i can recall the time
we’ve been together but now
you’re not here

will i ever see you
will i ever hold you near me
not since the time when we were young
to run the road in miles
with your hand in mine

did i hear you call
did i hear you whisper my name
or am i dreaming about the times before
you close the door ‘coz i let you go

i really heard you call
i really heard you whisper my name
or am i just wanting to make you mine

and again
i can’t seem to find a way
to ease the pain

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