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how to move on?!!

this one’s penned by my niece. one bright gal. and she said the poem’s for her friend who just got her heart broken… i wonder… 

whenever i see couples walking down the street
can’t help myself but curse at my seat
i always say it’s your fault by the way
then i start to blame you and it goes on all day

whenever i hear our favorite song on the radio
or see someone strum the guitar or play the piano
outrage is shaking myself inside
from all the pains, i know i cannot hide

whenever i feel raindrops falling down my face
i begin to cry, just stand there in place
many times, i mourn, and sob, then sigh
can’t forget you, no matter how hard i try

’cause it always seems that everything i see
reminds me of you, i cannot flee
and brings me back just another step closer
to this relationship that i wanted to be over


i say goodbye

i say goodbye

no need to cry

i leave with your memories

so please dry your tears

we’ll meet someday

i’ll wait for that day

come to think of it

soon’s not far away

the road is long

but you’ll be with me all along

a friend like you

is a treasure to

the world



will now


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