When do you keep pride
When do you let it go?
When do you hold back the tears
When do you let it all flow?
When courage ends
Does cowardice begins?

When you give up
Do you get a chance
to start again?

When corners appear like edges
And frames become empty spaces
Do you close your eyes
And clench your fists
Give yourself a shove
And say, can you really do this?

At night when you’re down and beat
But you have no one to wake
Are you really alone?

When cries become sighs
When pains do not anymore hurt
When an unlit and quiet room
Becomes solace
Can sleep finally come?
Can dreams visit again?


Take My Breath Away

Breathtaking Sunrise

You took my breath away.
Those days in the past,
every time I saw you,
I felt like gasping
for much needed air.
It was during those times
I felt conscious
that I really was alive.
I was breathing.
When I was with you,
I was breathless with
hopeful joy.

Then, you took my breath away.
I couldn’t breath.
I felt trapped
Over and over,
I flailed.
Bit by bit,
I died.
And just about
when i was ready
to close my eyes,
there he was.

He took my breath away,
with a smile.
He took my breath away
and gave it back.
As you clung tighter,
He let me free.
As you made promises,
he made me laugh.
As you showered me with gifts,
he showed me faith.

You told me before you left,
“You take my breath away.
Even now with your eyes so sad,
I still feel captivated by you.
There are so many things to say.
But one thing you make me feel,
even if I can not stay,
You will always take my breath away.”






Muta at luha
Baro at saya
Kape at gatas
Sidekick at bida
Buwan at bituin
Sipon at ubo
Pawis at buwis
Ikaw at ako

Pares. Terno.

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